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Hot Wheels - Build With Magnets

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$78.95 - NOW $24.95 Hot Wheels - Build With Magnets - LIMITED TIME OFFER!
You can get this educational toy, but only for a limited time.


Benefits your children can get:

Imagination and creativity ability practice: your children can use their imagination to think different shapes and then make one with their hands!

Spatial abilities practice: squares, triangles, hexagonal, your children can know what 2 dimension and 3 dimension shapes is. Such practice might lead kids to develop superior spatial abilities

Colors distinguish: beautiful variety of colors: green, red, pink, orange, yellow, blue, light blue. With the colorful blocks, your children will never get bored about it!

Math learning: your children can know one squares block plus another squares equals two. Four triangles block minus one triangle equals three.

Fun and entertainment: your children can put the blocks in 2-dimension in right order, then you pull the key block, the 3 dimension shapes will appear in front of you.

Our advantages:

Natural magnet: more powerful, make sure the building will not get crashed due to the gravity.

ARC design: your children will never cut themselves.

Toxic free and safe to play: food grade plastic will prevent your children from getting poisoned.

Package includes 10 x squares, 6 x triangles, 2 x hexagons and 2 set of wheels

How to sort out: Put the blocks together one by one.
How to clean: use the clean duster cloth wipe it, please do NOT use the water wash it!

 Age Range: > 3 years old

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